Stepping Stones

Grief Support Group  - Serving Dunnville and Area

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Phone: 289-209-8322 or 905-774-6360


A safe place of nurture and support for those who are experiencing the loss and pain of a loved one's death.


The groups gathers on a weekly basis for a period of eight weeks and goes through a proven and trusted program, offering information and encouraging sharing and support.

Listening and Caring

The death of a loved one presents both feelings and challenges that you may have never experienced before in your life. While, in our shared humanity, we all go through a variety of feelings and emotions following the death of a loved one, we recognize that each person is unique, and your personal feelings; your emotional and physical responses to your loved one's death will be yours alone. In the course of the program we seek to respect each member's individuality, even as we journey together through this new emotional landscape.